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Digital Technology is rapidly expanding into ebook development and allowing authors to creation what is called "enhanced ebooks. An "enhanced ebook" can now include, images, videos, audio and more. Therefore we are able pack our e-book with so much that it will make your head swim, and all for the very affordable price of  £8.99

Here is a look at the table of contents from our enhanced ebook.


About the Maji-Muku Forest

Map of Maji- Muku Forest

Image of Maji-Muku Forest Characters


1.  Do The Bear Dance (with youtube video links for Bear Dance song)

2.  Where’s That Cat At? (with youtube video link for song )

3.  The Visitor

4.  The Problem With Water

5.  Laughing is Catching

6. The Big Sleepover

7.  Who Said So?

8.  I’m A Big Bad Dog

9.  He Did What?

10. Clappety Cat’s New House

11. A Christmas Present (with youtube video link for song)

12. Piratitis Purpleitis and the Maji-Muku Princess Part 2 (with audio story for Part 1 ( The Magic Golden Ball)

Discussion Notes…helps parents and teachers to highlight key issues in stories stimulating creative thought and learning about how situations in the stories might be applied to real life.

Vocabulary…To help with some of the words you might not have heard before


Bonus Section  :


  • videos

  • audio stories

  • Clappety Cat poems

  • Birthday Party downloads, including character masks, finger puppets, songs, invitations, videos, Hints and Tips for how to give a party, birthday cake recipe, etc.

You'll be surprised! a good way

Ebook and Party package together for only £8.99

 special price  for a limited time


How to improve your children's reading and creativity?

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