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How we think about kids books

We believe that children are like sponges and can absorb new information at high rates, therefore we have tried to design Maji-Muku products to be both fun as well as educational in a way that does not patronise or limit a child's learning potential. We pride ourselves on creating materials that children can both embrace as entertainment as well as educate aka "edutainment". Therefore we do not market  to any prescibed age range group, but rather to the future of a child's literary development. We think that most children can begin reading Maji-Muku stories and enjoy them at a very early age and continue to enjoy them even a few years later as their literary understanding is elevated hopefully as a result of having read our stories over and over. 




We have included images in both printed and visual form in order to capture the imagination in as many ways as possible because we understand that different children learn in different ways. 

Because we are keen to work with schools and parents in the interest of helping children learn,  at the end of each story we have Discussion Notes and a Vocabulary section. We put these sections in especially to stimulate thought and conversation which helps to build children's sef esteem.

Our approach is that we "Teach and Talk Up" to children rather than talking and teaching down to them.

We realise that some of the words and phrases used in our stories may be at the next reading level for many of the children however we have put them into the stories not because we expect them to know them, but because at least when they read the stories they will have heard them and by the the next time they hear or see the word it will be somewhat familiar with it.  We especially have put in intangible "concept words" like obnoxious, vain, and photographic memory, as well tangible words like drool, gourd, and antennae in order to stimulate conversation and learning.

A recent study by Microsoft has shown that as a society our attention spans are becoming shorter because of our digital lifestyles. For our children this is not a good thing especially if we have hopes of  them going on to higher education and a professional career. Therefore we have created stories to work on both emotionally as well as intellectual levels. These stories require paying attention and are designed to help build a child's attention span and intelligence. It is a bit like encouraging your child to eat their vegetables. You know that in the long run it will prove beneficial even though it may be a bit hard to swallow at first. These stories are for parents who are interested in helping their children to enjoy reading and learning.

This book is written so that book is that children can return to these stories again and again and learn something different each time.

These stories basically teach life lessons through the situations of the animal characters and point out the possible outcomes of certain behaviors and actions , for example, what can happen if  "we pollute the environment "or if "one tells lies, or becomes too self centered, or compares oneself to others, or becomes intolerant of others simply because they are different, or about the good things that can happen when you work with others to find different solutions to solving a problem.

We believe that lessons learned from stories at a young age can have a long lasting effects as children mature into adolescene and adulthood.

We have tried to stimulate children's imagination with the creation of new words such as character names as well as the fruit and fauna. In the Maji Muku Forest they can use their own imaginations to build on the magical world we already have designed. 

We are open to suggestion for improving our products so please if you believe you can help with what we are doing.

Our books are for kids to enjoy as well as to learn from 

Teaching Up

Preparing for the Future

Life lesson stories

a great learning tool

helping to build your child's intelligence

Learning Through Theatre

Educational research undetaken at the University of California some 20 years ago concluded that involvement in theatre and the arts helped to develop literary and academic skills in children. In addition it showed that involvement in the creative arts like music and drama impacted children's cognitive processes which assisted them in developing better social skills as well as leadership qualities.  

Taking this into consideration, we decided to offer live theatre production of Maji-Muku stories to schools and charitable organisations

As a school or charity you can organize a production that you can put on. Make your own costumes and have a great time.  You can contact us and arrange for the production which will include a royalty agreement and we will send you the script and music for your own Maji-Muku production.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to arrange for a live performance:


Ebook and Party package together for only £8.99

 special price  for a limited time


How to improve your children's reading and creativity?

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