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Technology has advanced to the point that it has allowed us to bring you an entire downloadable kids birthday party within our enhanced ebook.

How it works is amazingly simple. Just go to our dropbox location inside our ebook and download everything you would need for a great and really affordable kids birthday party.

Since most people who don't hire an expensive childrens' entertainer wind up doing everything themselves anyway, so we thought we would take some of the hassle out of the event and help you along by providing some of the important and essential things that will make a kid's party work.  We also realise that many young parents may have not had a lot of experience with children's parties so we thought that perhaps we would include a "Hints and Tips" video with our  experienced children's party host telling you exactly "what and what not to do" to have  a fun "hassle-free" successful kid's party.

In addition we have masks, food trays and hats that children can put on during the party and afterwards chuck into the bin, or use later, just download them at another time and use them to occupy children in their playtime afterwards. The great thing about the package is, you can use it as many time as you like. This is a kids party idea unlike any other so have a look at the images and video on this page and see what we offer you in our unique package.


We have  video instruction for how to assemble hats, bags and food trays in addition to Maji-Muku character masks that children can use during the party simply by making holes for the eyes, and they can be coloured or black and white so that the children can colour them in as they wish. Also children can download the masks and use at a later time just to have fun and past the time. Plus we have kid's party music, games and everything you will need

How to make a successful kids birthday party 

Ebook and Party package together for only £8.99

 special price  for a limited time


black and white

ROPOPOLEY character party mask

All content including characters music contained and used in the Maji Muku Forest ebook and website pages are the the exclusive property of Teddy Hayes (copyright and trademark protected), and  produced by Chris Jerome. All rights reserved and may not be used for any other purpose than what the copyright owner has allowed with respect to ebook and website without express written permission


How to improve your children's reading and creativity?

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